Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

November Yarn Summary

Look, it’s a summary of my yarn projects for the third month in a row!

Projects Completed in November

Navy Hooded Blanket


The boy now has a blanket just like his big sister’s favorite blanket, only newer and in navy instead of cream. I’m glad I got this done well ahead of time. I took Margaret’s blanket with us to the hospital when we had her and I want to do the same for the boy with his blanket. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I should make sure that Margaret has her blanket with her too when we go to the hospital since the current plan is to have her there with us for the birth and a snuggly blanket is a good thing to have in a strange place. Those of you who knit may be interested to know that continental style is indeed faster for the acres and acres of seed stitch even though I am still faster knitting stockinet in my old left-handed English style.



He took way longer than I was expecting to make and was extremely fiddly to do, but the end product is very nice. I had originally planned to give him away as a gift, but after all that work I think he deserves to live in a house where I am certain that hand knits are appreciated. He’s currently hiding in my downstairs box-o-yarn, but I think he might make his debut as an active toy during the upcoming holiday season.

Cloudy Skies Baby Sweater and Leggings



I’ve listed this baby set as two separate projects on ravelry, but I’d always meant them as a set for the boy. Since he’s due to arrive at what is usually the coldest, snowiest part of winter in these parts he’s going to need a nice wooly outfit. I’ve made the sweater pattern before three times (all of them for Margaret), but I’d never done the leggings before. There are fewer cool baby knits for boys, and since it is no longer the done thing to dress your little boy in dresses I opted for the matching leggings. The legging pattern actually calls for the leggings to have feet, but I find that footed things don’t work so well except for the nanosecond that they fit exactly right, so I altered it to have a garter stitch hem instead. He’ll have booties to wear with it, and the outfit will last longer this way.

Projects Started in November

Baby Blue Ishbel


The above picture shows Margaret waving the skein of yarn around last summer, shortly after it’s purchase. I’d taken her with me to Mind’s Eye Yarns in Porter Square. I needed a needle, I forget what for. I had no intention of buying any yarn. This was the first time I’d had Margaret in a yarn store since she started walking, and as we entered I very carefully cleaned her hands with a baby wipe because I did not want to be one of those mothers with grubby-handed kids who ruin the merchandise, but at the same time I knew that preventing her from touching anything was out of the question. It’s a yarn shop, grown women go in to fondle the yarn. Sadly, my precaution was not enough. Margaret made a beeline for the stuff that was hand-dyed by the owner (who was not there), picked up a skein, and buried her face in it. This would not have been so bad except that she had a runny nose. Oops. So that skein of yarn clearly was Margaret’s now, and since I let her continue to hold it for the rest of the shopping trip she didn’t touch anything else. At least my girl has good taste. It’s a lovely merino/tencel blend that is both soft and shiny, and it’s hand dyed in a mix of sky blue and grey. I couldn’t think what else to do with 400 yards of fingering yarn in a variegated color, so this is going to be an Ishbel for Margaret. I’m doing the large stockinet/small lace variant. It’ll be a very large shawl for her at her current size, and a nice sized scarf once she’s all grown up.

Ongoing Projects

I am still working on both the Juno Regina and the Shipwreck Shawl that I’ve mentioned before. I’ve made small amounts of progress on both. At this point I’ve used 50% of the available yarn for the Juno Regina and 35% of the available yarn for the Shipwreck Shawl. I tend to track progress on shawls & scarves by how much yarn I’ve used, since in these cases once I am out of yarn I had better be done.


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