Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Our Princess

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Warren absolutely dotes on Margaret.


In the above picture she is seen wearing her new dress for the first time, one that her beloved Daddy had specially made just for her. Yep, not even 1.5 years old and her father is already buying her custom clothing. She has him so wrapped around her little finger it is not even funny, not that I’m in a good position to talk here… Warren can’t really be blamed, I just fear for what she might ask for (and receive) when she is sixteen.

In case you can’t see the little clip in her hair, here is a shot that better shows our vast leap in baby hair styling.


I found these baby-sized hair clips at the drug store and got them with the thought of indoctrinating her into the world of hair accessories before it became a necessity. Her hair is not yet long enough that she needs something to keep it out of her eyes, but in another couple of months we’ll be there. I think that bangs probably aren’t the best look for her, so until we get to the point where her hair is long enough to tuck behind her ears we’re going to need a little something.

Getting her to wear the clips was actually far easier than I imagined. If I put them in while she can see herself in the mirror she knows what it is and won’t pull it out. If she can’t see herself when I put it in, about half the time she’ll wonder what it is and pull it out to look at it. She sometimes even requests the clips now, so I think we are good for the anticipated awkward hair length stage. Well, as good as we can be. Margaret has very fine hair like mine, and while she will leave the clips in, left to their own devices the clips don’t stay in all that well on an active girl. Since I am not prepared to use dance-competition grade hair gel on my baby my options for dealing with this are limited. Once she gets a bit older and her hair a bit longer she is in for some totally awesome hairdos if she’s willing to sit still for me.

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