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The State of the Warcrack

Well, mjperson asked about it on Tuesday, and since the 10 day guest pass that jcatelli gave me just ended about an half hour ago, now is a fine time for an update.

So, I like the game. I'm officially hooked. The graphic are much better than the ones that drove me screaming from Warcraft III in less than an hour of play time. Of course my poor elderly Mac is supposedly too old and slow to run the game. I'm actually pretty fine when I'm in a sparsely populated area. When there are other PCs aroung, though, things can get bad. One or three is fine, but much more than that and I have severe lag problems. I can tell from the thrashing sound coming from the box that its at least partly an issue with my computer. Happily bonuses are due out on the 15th, and Warren seems open to the idea of me getting myself a Mac Mini, even though we won't be able to write it off.

I've noticed a couple of bugs. They're mildly annoying, but as a person who writes code for a living I'm not appalled by them. I can play around them.

As of this morning I have four characters. Eranna is my main character, she's a 15th level night elf druid. Aleanor is a character I made so I could play with one of twe's alts; she's currently an 8th level priest. Moraga is a 5th level dwarven hunter, and she's a blast. I've also made a human rogue named ElspethFern, but she's not been played yet.

I'm wondering what the artists were thinking. Normally I'm the type who loves to play elves, and the druid looked cool, so my first character was a no-brainer. On the other hand, I love the way Moraga looks. OK, she's short and heavy, but the way the body looks, she's not fat. Sure, her thighs are big, but they look big in the same way my thighs are big -- the way that says I can leg-press nearly three times my weight. The elves, on the other hand... between the purple skin and the ears I'm a little less thrilled with them.

Speaking of less than thrilled, I went to manage my account last night and discovered that since I'm on a guest pass, I can't just buy more time. I have to go out and get a physical copy of the darn thing of my own. That's annoying. It would be much easier if I could just pay for more time (maybe with an activation fee thrown in, if necessary). I mean, I already have it installed, most of my friends have the CDs if I had any need to reinstall, why send me out to purchase the actual media?
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