Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

October Yarn Summary

I continue to knit and crochet stuff, and now for the second month running I’m managing to blog about it.

Projects Completed in October:

Mr. Greenjeans


One of these days I will learn to take a decent picture. Also, the sweater will look better on me once I am again narrower in the middle rather than wider in the middle. It’s made of just over four of my six skeins of Sweet Orange Blossom aran silky merino from the Sundara seasons yarn club. When I first saw the color I was disappointed, since orange is generally not my thing, but so many people were trying to trade or sell this color that I kept it because I doubted I’d make a successful trade. Like many Sundara colors it looks better knit up, and it turns out to be a surprisingly good color for me. I like the pattern too. Now that I’ve knit two top-down raglan sweaters I may find myself reluctant to go back to the old fashioned bottom-up method. Being able to try stuff on as you knit is a huge win.




There is a reason why this shawl pattern is so darn popular. Mine is an extra-large size. I enlarged it by adding 16 rows (48 stitches) to the plain center and an extra AB repeat to the lace section over and above the instructions for the large size. A lot of people enlarge it just by adding extra lace repeats, but I wanted to preserve the proportions of the plain to lace sections of the shawl. I don’t think it would look right as a dinky little plain center edged by a whole lot of lace. I used two full skeins of sock yarn, again from the Sundara seasons club. The colorway is Beach Glass. I ran out and the bind-off and opted to finish using some leftover Daffodil rather than rip back and rework.



Hats are great. This project not only uses up leftover yarn, it’ll make a great gift for a certain deserving male relative.

Projects Started in October

Navy Hooded Blanket

Back when I was still doing IUIs I made the Hooded Blanket for the baby I was hoping to conceive from the Debbie Bliss book that I own. It was tedious. Acres and acres of seed stitch… if you’re a knitter you know why that is tedious, if you don’t knit just take my word for it. Once finished, though, it was a lovely blanket. Of course it sat and sat in my drawer full of baby knit things until I finally had a baby who could use it.


Margaret loves her blanket, and so of course I had to make her little brother one as well. His is navy instead of cream. I’m also knitting continental style more and more these days instead of left-handed English. Normally I am still faster my old way, but the continental style does help a bit with all that seed stitch. I may end up completely switching to continental, even if it means that Laura and Kate will no longer take stun damage when watching me knit.


Smith is a toy started because he was meant to be another Cairn-style thing, something quick that would use up leftovers from an afghan and make a great gift. Alas, I am only on the third row of spikes for this little hedgehog. It looks like he is going to turn out well, but the pattern is incredibly fiddly, and working DK weight yarn on size 1 needles does not help matters.

Ongoing Projects

I am still working on both the Juno Regina and the Shipwreck Shawl that I mentioned last month. I’ve made small amounts of progress on both. The big news is on the Shipwreck Shawl I’ve gone up from the size 3 needles that the shawl started on to size 4 needles. I will keep going with the netting doing 12 rounds in increasing sizes through size 10 if I follow the pattern, so that’s a ways to go, especially at just under 600 stitches a round.

Old Projects Worth Mentioning

Star Afghan


Technically I should have blogged about this last month since it was a ‘finished in September’ project, but it was a gift for Kate so it had to wait until after the baby shower. I’d been wanting a good excuse to try the star-shaped afghan pattern. At my baby shower I got a lovely pair of booties from Kate and a beautiful BSJ from Laura, both of which were very useful and much loved, and now packed away for when Margaret has children of her own. Warren is always telling me that my crochet is better than my knitting, so the star afghan was an easy choice to make for Kate’s baby.

Scaled-Down Odessa


I did this in July. I wanted to make Margaret a new winter hat that would last her a few years. I like the Odessa pattern, love beads in knitting, and didn’t find any little kid hats that I liked, so I just scaled this down a bit for Margaret. I cast on ten fewer stitches and used a sport weight yarn instead of DK weight. The weather has now turned cold enough that she has started to wear it. She’s gotten tons of compliments on it which makes me pleased. You know it’s a good hat when adult women say they want one for themselves. (Hey, if you do and you knit, the pattern is free on Ravelry.) Much more importantly, Margaret seems to likes it and will often grab it herself if we are on our way out. Her baby brother has a semi-matching hat in the same yarn. It’s just plain ribs; it was finished in August before we knew he was a boy.


Looking Forward

Unsurprisingly there is more baby knitting in the near future. Baby Brother is going to get a sweater and probably matching leggings. I also have some more small gifts I want to do. I’m trying to get rid of some odds and ends of yarn. Does anyone have a clue what I can do with 31.5 yards of sport weight yarn (baby cashmerino) in red? It’s enough that I can’t bring myself to trash it, but not enough for most useful projects. I also have some things I want to do for Margaret, though I’m not sure I’ll have time to start them this month. Margaret seems to love hand knits, so I have extra incentive to make her stuff, just less time than I would like.

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