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Idiots on Ice

So we had more snow today. It still feel like the first of March means that its spring, but that's a lot more accurate on Long Island where I grew up than it is here. Nevertheless, we had snow, so it was time for yet another episode of Idiots on Ice. Today's episode featured that old favorite, the SUV riding my bumper because I wasn't going fast enough for him (on a residential street no less). He's clearly never taken 8.01, and is probably also unaware that not only are my breaks much better than his, but my smaller mass means I can stop a lot faster. Even better, the second halp of today's episode featured someone in front of me on route 16 who had not only failed to clear the snow of the roof of his car (which was slightly shorter than mine, so not much sympathy there), but he'd also not bothered to clear the rear window of the six plus inches of snow that we had. What the heck? He doesn't care who's behind him? The gods forbid that he should stop suddenly just when some moron in an SUV happens to be inches off his bumper.

Someone remind me why a) these people are still in the gene pool and b) why its wrong to help nature along and remove them before they hurt someone else.
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