Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Stuff I've done...

OK, I'm giving and doing my first meme since I find reading other people's cool. Not that I can thing of cool things that I've done that my friends haven't...

  1. Been in the cockpit of a Concorde
  2. Flown on a transatlantic flight as an "unaccompanied minor"
  3. Flown on a transatlantic flight not as an "unaccompanied minor" when I should have been according to regulations :P
  4. Been part of the opening act for a Black Watch demonstration
  5. Baby-sat an non-relative's six-month-old for an entire weekend
  6. Competed at Blackpool (British Open Dancesport Competition), with less than ten months of Ballroom training
  7. Purchased a non-wedding dress that cost more than my car at the time.
  8. Married a man who lived on the same hall as me at MIT, but whom I didn't meet until after we were both out of school.
  9. Written a roleplaying book.
  10. Run an official play test of a new roleplaying book.
Tags: silly quizes and memes

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