Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Playground Betrayal

Our playground of choice closed just after labor day. Margaret was quite likely the last kid ever to play on it, given that it was full dark and empty when we left. They are renovating it, but goodness knows how long that's going to take. The first week they apparently accomplished nothing other than to paint a few Xs on the ground in orange paint. So, for now at least we are stuck looking for other options, which are not many. Actually, there are two. There is the Tuft's tot lot which is nearby but which is tiny and not all that interesting. There is also a playground on the other side of Davis Square very near chenoameg's place, but while it is very nice, it's about a 30 minute trek by foot. I don't mind on the weekends when I'm happy to devote three hours to a playground outing, but for weeknights it's not so good.

Playground structures apparently come in two age categories. One is designed for kids 2-5 years old, and the other for kids who are 5-12 years old. Obviously I don't strictly observe the age guidelines since way back when I was letting a nine month old climb on the little kids structure at "our" playground, but there is really no way to let a toddler play on the 5-12 year old variety without the sort of hovering that makes the experience less fun for both of us. I consider myself to be laid back, but Margaret still thinks that the force of gravity is naturally countered by the Mommy force, making the bigger kids play structures unsuitable for her just now. There are three other play areas that are closer to us than they playground near chenoameg, but they all only have the 5-12 year old variety of play structure and no 2-5 year old stuff. I'm a little miffed by this (well except for the one that is in a school, toddlers do not attend elementary school). Do people think the 5-12 year old set needs more playground space? In our rather urban area I think not; backyards are tiny and not all of them are good places for swing sets. Given the number of beer cans I've removed from our backyard I have certain misgivings about letting her play there. (No one at our house drinks beer, the cans apparently rain down from the back porches of the surrounding houses, many of which are occupied by Tufts students.) Anyway, the situation is frustrating, and "our" playground can't open fast enough as far as I'm concerned.


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