Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

I hope she uses her powers for good

When Warren and I took Margaret out to the park Friday night we discovered a small stuffed dog in her stroller that neither of us had seen before. The logical explanation seems to be that Jomkwan bought it for her. That's certainly nice, but Jomkwan also got her two toys and a pretty dress for her birthday less than one month ago. It's very sweet of her, but she certainly seems to be going above and beyond. Of course Margaret seems to have that effect on people. Yesterday Warren took her grocery shopping with him, allowing me a much-needed nap. When they returned the grocery list seems to have suddenly included a toy sword. Clearly the urge to buy her toys is a strong one. I will let Warren reveal just how much he spent on toys one month should he choose to do so. I will say that I also buy her toys, and boxes arrive regularly from the grandparents, especially Warren's mom.

In other toy related news, Margaret has finally shown an interest in stuffed animals. I'm pleased because I think having something inanimate to cuddle is a good thing.


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