Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Back to the OB

I had my initial regular OB visit yesterday. This one was with the nurse practitioner, and I was very happy to learn that while nurse Pollyanna is still there, they have a new nurse practitioner, so I saw her instead. I like her a lot.

There's not much to report of the visit as she mostly checked me and there was no baby check. I haven't gained any weight yet, which is good seeing as how I'm only ten weeks along. Mostly we discussed my history, and scheduled the screening to make sure the baby doesn't show signs of serious issued. The screening ultrasound is on the 23rd.

I find that I am barely having any dead baby thoughts this pregnancy in spite of having rather milder first trimester symptoms. I hope this isn't hubris and is just a reflection of how well everything went with Margaret.

I did run into nurse Pollyanna on the way out and she managed to annoy me by acting all surprised that I had lost all the weight from the last pregnancy. Yeah. I didn't say anything. Not only did I lose everything I put on during the last pregnancy, but I am fifteen pounds lighter going into this one. Not having multiple failed cycles to build of the fat and not being depressed and worried about the thought of never having a child tend to make maintaining a healthy weight easier. I'd still like to lose another ten pounds, but I think it'll come off next time if I have a break between when I quit breastfeeding and when I start cycling again.

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