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Second Boston Organics Box - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Second Boston Organics Box
I think I'm going to switch to the two-thirds fruit after this. We seem to eat more fruit (at home) than veggies.

  • two anjou pears
  • four bananas
  • three honey tangerines
  • one kent mango
  • four kiwis
  • two naval oranges
  • three pink lady apples
  • one large bunch of brocolli
  • celery
  • on small container of cherry tomatoes
  • one large bunch of collard greens
  • two onions

There's no red leaf lettuce even though its on their web page list. Also no avocados since I ask not to have those. the cherry tomatoes aren't on the list on the web, but are in my box. That's two missing and only one obvious substitution; I'm hoping I got extra of something else.

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