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Linux World

So, I went to Linux World again yesterday, thanks to my company.

This time the exibition hall was open, so there was something more than just seminars to go to. I did go to the LDAP talk first thing in the morning though. Visiting the exhibiters was clearly the most amusing part of the experience. As a Mac user I was amused a little by the fact that about a third of the exhibits seemed to be holding drawings for iPods as an inducement for getting to swipe your badge. (Swiping badges was clearly the game goal of all the exhibitors.) As a Mac user I was highly amused by the fact that the O'Reilly booth that was selling books had as the only computer in evidence an iMac. (Remember, this is Linux world.)

I must confess to being mean to the Oracle people. twe will remember the Reinsurex project. This involved an Oracle database set up on a Linux web server. Installing said database (Oracle 8.1.5) on Linux was nigh impossible. There were four highly competant people and a great deal of pain involved. Sure, it was three years ago, but I remember the pain well. So, on seeing that Oracle had this huge booth at Linux World there was nothing for it really but to march up to it and demand to know if it was now possible to install Oracle on a Linux box without with great pain and torment. They assured me that it was (of course, what else would they say?), and there was much, "Oh, yeah, well that was before 8i, its much better now," talk. They quickly fetched me a CD, but I was clearly making them nervous. In fact, about an hour after than, on of the Oracle guys found me on the other end of the floor, and said that they had a better disk for me that just had the latest version of Oracle on it, if I wanted to try and install that. I guess I made an impression.

Oh, and the T ride yesterday, while nowhere near the misery of Monday was still slower and more crowded than I remember it being when I was a daily T commuter. I love working in the 'burbs.
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