Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,


Due to popular demand, a quick update on today's ultrasound: One embryo with heartbeat present. Next ultrasound in the 22nd, just to make sure it stays put and the heart keeps beating. After that I graduate to my regular OB. The due date by my calculation is February 4th.

My hormone levels got checked, and my progesterone is sky-high so I get to back off back to one shot a day. Normally I don't complain about the shots, but two intra-muscular injections of progesterone in oil is every bit as fun as you'd think it is and then some.

Margaret and I had a lovely visit with jaedian today. The personality differences between my girl and hers were pretty striking, but Margaret had a great time anyway, especially once jaedian's little boy got home. Margaret loved playing with him and warmed up to him faster than I have every seen her warm up to anyone.

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