Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,


I'll be heading to the doctor's office to test shortly. Given that I've been spotting since Tuesday I'm not holding out much hope for my two embryos. I really want them to have taken, because I am that crazy for kids that the thought of 3 under two seems like fun. Of course, given that this is my 5th IVF cycle and I only have the one baby, I'm pretty clear on the fact that wanting alone is not enough.

In happier news. it's time for the Salsa in China Fashion Friday Challenge, wherein I let the happy result of IVF #4 pick her own outfit and share it with everyone.


I must admit to cheating and vetoing her first choice, which was a sundress, on the grounds that it was 48 degrees here yesterday. She seems to love those yellow pants, she was quick to grab them from the pile of clean laundry. She made me very happy by picking the sweater that I knit for her instead of a store bought one. It was only later in the day that I realized I was wearing a sweater from the same yarn.


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