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We had a particularly productive weekend. In addition to the transfer of two rather good looking embryos we also purchased a new TV and blu ray disc player. This will probably come as a bit of a shock to some of my friends who have seen our old TV, a 15 year old 19-inch CRT that didn’t get a signal from anything except for the equally ancient VCR it was hooked up to. We are not a TV watching household. We do watch DVDs on our computers, and very occasionally tapes (mostly old dance videos) on the VCR. The new acquisition is a bit out of character, especially considering it’s a 40 inch screen. My parents used to tease my about how my computer screen was bigger than my TV. Suddenly that’s not true anymore.

I’m not exactly sure what prompted Warren’s sudden desire for a new TV. Actually, it probably wasn’t sudden. He saw his brother’s flat-screen TV at Thanksgiving and liked it a lot. It just seemed sudden because he then failed to talk about it at all until a couple of weeks ago when he spent some time checking out screens. Warren is like that sometimes. Something will come up, and he’ll express a vague desire for something and that’s the last you hear of it for six months until it’s suddenly a priority. How we got from last November’s “that was a nice screen on George’s TV” to Saturday’s “I want to buy a TV this weekend” is a bit of a mystery, but it’s a good mystery. It comes with the territory when you’re married to someone who does a lot more thinking than talking. Also, I’m certainly not going to complain about shiny new toys, especially since we got a good deal on the TV by buying the display model; it was the last one of that type that they had.

I think part of Warren’s motivation has been to show dance videos to Margaret. I grabbed a few precious minutes of alone time on Sunday evening and returned to find them watching a dance video together. The picture quality was great, you could really see the action. The real bonus, though, was that unlike watching DVDs on the computer we did not have to spend 80% of our attention on keeping Margaret from playing with the keyboard and doing things like resetting my browser homepage to vxxxx.com.

I insisted on getting a pair of rabbit ears to go with the TV so that we might conceivably get some reception. I don’t have any burning desire to watch broadcast TV, but it might be nice to pick up some PBS shows. I’ve been particularly thinking about it now that Margaret is getting close to where she might find some things interesting. I watched Sesame Street from a very early age (like most folks my age) and as a result was rather disappointed by my first day of school because they weren’t teaching us anything real… it was all stuff I’d known for years thanks to Sesame Street. Of course, I’m not so sure I want her watching the current Sesame Street. I haven’t seen an episode in decades, and I’m given to understand it’s all about Elmo now and they have poor Cookie Monster talking about how ‘cookies are a sometimes food’. Gah. The whole point of cookie monster is the gluttony and the kids are supposed to figure out for themselves that stuffing yourself on cookies all the time, while fun, is not the best plan. Happily I see that there are compilations of the old episodes out there, though they seem to be very incomplete. Does anyone out there know of shows like the Sesame Street of yore, ones that are educational and don’t talk down to the kids?

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