Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Post Transfer Update

Transfer was today. We were down to 2 embryos at the time of transfer. According to our sheet, of the seven eggs they got, four fertilized. Of those four, on never divided, one divided only once, and the other two are they ones they transferred. Both embryos were rated 8BF, though I'm worried that there may have been some generous grading going on there. Still, that's my best embryo rating to date. Now there is nothing left to do but take care of myself, continue the progesterone shots and think "please please please let these two embryos become the twins that I foolishly have my heart set on" a lot.

The kind and lovely chenoameg took care of Margaret while we were off at the transfer. It is a credit to her baby wrangling skills that Margaret did not cry the entire time. Margaret is currently going through a phase with the dual whammy of separation anxiety and stranger danger in a big way, so the lack of screaming when she didn't have myself, Warren or Jomkwan in sight is remarkable. It's not that she doesn't like other people, mind, it's just that she feels safer with one of her regular body guards. We were extremely please to be greeted by a baby who had apparently had a good enough time that she fussed when it was clear that we were leaving.

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