Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Play ball

So a coworker brought up the news item of the baseball player who was busted for using a banned substance... hCG. This is known by it's full name as human chorionic gonadotropin. It's what pregnancy tests test for. The news reports say the player was prescribed the drug by a doctor and said that it was used in fertility treatments. Now, I am planning on taking a nice syringe full of it next week (if all goes well) to mature my eggs 36 hours before retrieval. What a male baseball player might legitimately need pregnancy hormone for is beyond me. (The illegitimate use it is banned for is masking steroid use since it'll bring down testosterone levels). I just wished the news report had said what exactly hCG was so that more folks could enjoy the giggle of a professional sports guy taking pregnancy hormone. I bet that would be a more effective way of stopping doping than the other things the sport has tried.

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