Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Personal DNS Error

I get a lot of email at work that isn't necessarily for me. There's this one project in particular where the principals seem to feel in necessary to cc (and list as required attendees to all their meetings) everyone who has ever been the least bit involved in there project, even months and months after those services are no longer require... Oops, I started a tangential rant there. Anyway, not everything that shows up in my inbox necessarily needs my attention. Today a message came in, and I glanced at the preview and it started off "Dear Bob and Liz". I assumed, of course, that this was one of those random things where someone put me in the cc list for reasons unknown. I went about my business for some time. Afew hours later I went through my inbox and realized that this was in fact a request for help addressed to me and my colleague Bob (who was out today). Oops. The moral of this story is don't use a nickname for someone unless you know it's one they go by, at least if you want a timely response.

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