Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Moving along

We had the big "pre-op" appointment today. That's where we go in and go over the protocol and the paperwork. Mostly it's about signing all the forms about what to do with any frozen embryos that we might end up with. It's a little silly in our case, we've never had anything to freeze before, so unless my ovaries have gotten ten years younger while I wasn't looking I'm not going to be holding my breath on that score.

I really like the new nurse at the clinic who is in charge of IVF patients. She really has her act together. She was telling us that we'd have the progesterone suppositories this time because the latest and greatest research showed that they were as good as the progesterone in oil shot, and I immediately piped up, "Can I have the shots please?" Apparently I am the first person ever to express a preference for intramuscular shots over suppositories, but she not only went with it, she said she'd call up the pharmacy to make sure we get exactly the same flavor of progesterone in oil that we got last time. She was very understanding of our desire do everything as much like last time as possible. I like her.

I wore a crocheted tunic today that I hadn't worn since the early days of my pregnancy with Margaret. It hit me when I was taking an early morning walk today that I did the bulk of the work of making it during a Opnetwork 2007, which is also when I started suppressing for the cycle that got us Margaret. Aside from the computer stuff, my major memories of that conference were walking around DC with harrock in the evenings, making the tunic in my hotel room before bed, and calling the clinic at lunch during the first day of the conference because I'd gotten my period. It's a nice tunic, but I'm glad I didn't get much wear out of it back then because I rapidly became too fat due to the success of the cycle, and after the birth I still couldn't wear it because it's not good for access to my chest. I love the tunic, but I'm hoping I don't get much wear out of it this time around either.

Next stop is my suppression check on April 30. Stims will most likely start May 4th, assuming all is well, but the exact date for stims is not certain.

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