Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Weaning Whining

I never ever want to go through forcibly weaning a baby again. That's unfortunate because I would like to have three children, and basic math will show us the problem with that. Of course basic statistics tells us that I shouldn't hold my breath about even getting to two kids, and my chances of getting the desired three at this point are pretty slim, so perhaps it is a moot point.

Margaret has been mostly okay, it's just the 'mostly' part that is the issue. She gets these periods where she is inconsolable, where she clearly wants to nurse but now knows that she can't. It's rough. She's also barely napped in the past two days, which is not good. It will get better. Eventually she will forgive me, and I know it's in a good cause, but it still sucks. Seriously, I rather do 9th grade over, which is about as extreme a statement as I can make.

Physically I am fine. I last pumped around midnight Saturday night, and it's looking like I won't have to pump again. Looks like I dried up pretty fast. But seriously, I do not recommend this.

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