Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Small but Powerful

Yesterday was Margaret's nine-month checkup. I will be brief because in spite of working from home yesterday I have had all sorts of work stuff eat my weekend. (As it turns out, harrock, they do indeed want everyone on the conference call at specific intervals all weekend. Thankfully our boss is taking the 4am ones.)

If you want specific stats, psychohist has a good stats post. To sum up, Margaret is slightly below average in height, way below average in weight, and has a big head. The doctor sounded like if her weight continues to fall percentile-wise he might be concerned, on the other hand he did say, "looking at you I wouldn't expect her to be heavy."

The doctor did remark on her rather surprising strength. I forgot the exact words, something about being the strongest baby he's seen. Yeah, tell me about it. I knew she was strong a year ago. She is a lean, mean, crawling machine.

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