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The cold that kept Margaret and consequently me up for the majority of Monday night has progressed. I took her in Tuesday to rule out ear infection or anything else requiring medicine, and we seem to have on our hands a rather long lasting virus. The current phase involves clear mucus streaming more or less constantly from her nose and a wet cough. Alas, I also seem to have it now, or at least I assume the same virus is the source of my sore throat. I hope this at least means I get to skip the fever part. Sadly, taking days off work this week is just not an option as I have numerous meeting scheduled regarding the thing which I am taking over from the guy who got 'right=-sized' or whatever the current euphemism is these days. As I would not like to be whatevered next I shall be making those meetings. Coworkers reading this, consider yourself warned of incoming deadly baby slime germs.

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