Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Onward March

The period arrived again today. There was just the vaguest hint of cramps there briefly. I guess whatever redecorating Margaret did while she was inside might be starting to wear off. Too bad. Since Margaret will be six months tomorrow it seemed like my cue to call for The Appointment.

So I called. You know you’re been to the fertility clinic a lot when it’s been more than a year and the receptionist remembers your first name. Also, you know your doctor is good when her first available appointment isn’t for 2.5 months. So, we have our appointment scheduled, but it’s not until March 4th. Sigh.

Of course there is a silver lining, that being that I don’t have to wean Margaret right away. Yay. I know I’ve only mentioned this a couple dozen times, but I really like nursing her. Not only is it extremely pleasant to have a warm, content baby curled up in the crook of my arm, but nursing makes parenting so much easier. With a few rare exceptions, all I have to do to turn an unhappy baby into a happy one is get a boob in her mouth. It’s like a super-power. Plus it’s good for her. I’m hoping it’ll be easier to wean now that we have the extra time. She’s showing an interest in what we are eating. Actually, as my previous post shows, she shows an intense interest in what we are eating if it’s something we can’t give her yet like ribs, steak, or other red meat, and no interest if it’s something we can share, like applesauce. If we can improve on her recent grudging acceptance of small quantities of rice cereal licked off my finger perhaps we can widen her diet a bit before our new weaning deadline approaches.

So…. March. Hopefully that will mean a new IVF cycle before June. In the meantime, we continue the ha-ha-ha-as-if method.

In other news, Margaret’s six month doctor’s visit is on Friday. I never got around to mentioning here that a week ago Monday I took Margaret in for a suspected (and then confirmed) ear infection, and have been forcing the pink stuff into her ever since. I have been very busy congratulating myself over my amazing parenting skills: I noticed a screaming baby attempting to claw her left ear off and somehow managed to deduce that perhaps she might have an ear infection. I may have a keen grasp of the obvious, but it will still be good to go in and see our hobbitpediatrician because Margaret seems to have a lingering cough and occasional sore throat, etc, and I’m worried that the pink stuff didn’t do the trick, perhaps because she ended up wearing more of it than is strictly recommended.

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