Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Sweater Death

This week marked the demise of one of my beloved cardigans. It was knit by my mom. It's not exactly surprising, the sweater is made from acrylic yarn left over from other projects, and I have been wearing in since college. The fact that it wore clean through at the elbows should not be startling. This happened to another one of Mom's creations two years ago, one I'd been wearing since early high school. Actually, the fact that acrylic sweaters lasted so long is kind of impressive. It's just a tad startling that I've started out living knit objects that had a near permanent part of my wardrobe. It's sad because Mom isn't knitting so much anymore. In fact, I doubt she would knit for me at this point unless I explicitly asked her to; she thinks I have surpassed her in knitting skill. It's sort of an unwelcome early reminder that she won't be around forever.

On a more positive note, I have a good excuse now to make the sweaters I have planned for myself.

I do get to knit for someone who I hope will treasure my creations. Also, baby clothes are less likely to wear out.


Also, recent evidence has come to light about where babies really do come from.


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