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Today was my first full day in the office, so that makes the transition back to work complete. It was a busy day, though I did have plenty of time to worry that my baby was hungry and crying while I was stuck on a 3.5 hour conference call. When I got home Warren was there, but Jomkwan and Margaret were out for a walk. I was very pleased when they arrived home 15 minutes later. Margaret was calm and content. Jomkwan had managed to coax her into taking a total of six ounces via bottle, a new record.

This is yet another reason why I am glad we went with an au pair program. I want Margaret to have the sort of attention that the battle of the bottle requires. Of course different people make different choices for different reasons. I was talking to one co-worker last week, and she had mentioned that she had gone with day care instead of a nanny because she worried about the lack of oversight. She felt that a place with several carers was a better guarantee of responsible behavior. I actually feel exactly the opposite, that having a few people in charge of a group of infants will create a SEP field, and the babies won't necessarily get any more attention than they would with a nanny who watched TV all day as the co-worker feared. I think the decision of which way to go all boils down to your personal biases. I know there are bad nannies out their, after all my sister fired one when she discovered that she hadn't changed the baby's diaper all day. Likewise there are certainly excellent day care programs out there. What it comes down to is that I prefer to gamble on my own hiring decision, and so far it's looking to me like I made a pretty good choice.


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