Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Working from home

So far Jomkwan, our au pair, has been really good. She's obviously pretty happy to play with Margaret, and I'm feeling very happy about our choice. As part of our obligation to have an adult home with her for her first three days on the job I worked from home today and will again tomorrow.

Working from home is so better than I expected it to be. I was worried that I would be too easily distracted and wouldn't get enough done. Quite the opposite happened. There are these network traces that I needed to get stats on. I got four of them done in half a day at the office on Wednesday, which I thought was pretty decent at the time. I burned through fifteen of them today. There is something to be said for not having people strike up random conversations around you all day.

It wasn't perfect, though. I had so far neglected to get my Password-O-Doom reactived, so I was unable to help harrock today, and of course the number that I need to call to get that done is written down on physical paper at my cube in my office. Oops.

If things go as well tomorrow I would love to work from home more, though I suspect I should not do it too much. People need to physically see you in the office for various reasons. Out-of-sight=out-of-mind was demonstrated this morning when twe apparently had to stop my boss from stealing my copy of the license to the software I was using. It's too bad about that. Being able to get work done and nurse Margaret would be a great thing, but I think days like this will have to be the exception rather than the rule because of the way human psychology works.

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