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Driving to work... maybe not

So, it snowed here yesterday and the day before. We got 38 inches. That's a lot of snow.

The streets have been plowed, but not down to the ashpalt. If you drive, you're driving on an inch or more of really hard packed snow, and there's often bits where you hit of couple of inches of the chunky stuff.

I spent several hours yesterday shovelling Midnight out, with every intention of driving her to work this morning. This morning I finished the job (the plows having covered her wheels again during the night), got in and reversed out of the snow bank that her front end was still buried in. (I should mention here that Midnight is an awesome care, and you should not try that trick with an ordinary car.) I then proceeded to remove the two feet of snow on her hood, roof and windshield, and then I drove her to Davis Square. I arrived at the Harvard-Vanguard lab to get my blood drawn. All went smoothly, and I was out of there by 8:15.

A curious thing had happened,though, between 8am and 8:15. In that brief span of time the idiot factor on the roads has increased exponentially. I headed up Holland and turned onto Broadway heading for route 16. I was halfway there when I made up my mind. I pulled into the Foodmaster parking lot, and called my boss, informing him that I was aborting my attempt to get to work.

I don't think anyone who reads my journal drives an SUV, but if you know someone who does, or who just drives like they do, please inform them of the following:

Four wheel drive does not help you stop.
ABS brakes do not make you stop faster, they just help prevent skids, and they're not fool-proof at that either.
Ten miles an hour may be plenty fast enough under some conditions. Live with it.
Also, what does not constitute tailgating on dry pavement is often tailgating on packed snow.
Do not honk your horn at me. If I'm not going in these conditions, I have a damn good reason.
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