Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Call for advice

The weeks are rushing by and I am going to have to return to work all too soon. That means I need to get pumping.

So far I've pumped on exactly two occasions. Once when Margaret was very congested and having trouble nursing, and once when I got the notion that I should start storing up breast milk in the freezer. I should have done the latter much more by now, but I haven't gotten around to it. I'm guessing that I need to change that.

Breastfeeding is going very well. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea how much milk Margaret is getting. I've been uncharacteristically laid back about my parenting, and thus so far I've been unconcerned about the exact quantity. As long as Margaret keeps dirtying her diapers regularly and doesn't go too long between feedings I am happy. Of course it's hard to stress about it too much because she nurses so frequently during the day. The frequent nursing also makes it tough to fit a pumping session in. The result is I have only one little bag of stored milk in the freezer and absolutely no idea what Margaret's daily intake is.

I need to know roughly how much milk Margaret needs during the day and build up a head start on the supply before I return to work. I suppose I could figure out the quantity not nursing and only pumping for a day, but I really do not want to do that. I don't mind the pump, but nursing is so much better. Also, even though I have a Medela Pump In Style, it just doesn't have the kind of suction that Margaret has. It is like a worn out dustbuster and my baby is like an industrial strength wet-vac. I can get 1.5 ounces out of each breast with the pump, but I'm betting Margaret is getting more.

So, any idea of how much milk I'm going to need stored up when I go back to work? I'm pretty sure that if I can find the time during the day supply won't be an issue, I just need to know how much. Then I'll need to figure out how to manage an entire day away from the baby I have barely let out of my sight for the past eight weeks...

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