Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Parenting Performance Assurance

It turns out that being out on maternity leave is much like being at work, only with longer and much less predictable hours. The only thing missing is the commute.

Basically both my "real" job and caring for a small infant involve a whole lot of trouble shooting. In both cases I am alerted to the fact that there is a problem by the person I am trying to help giving a vague and not terribly helpful distress signal. I'm sure that twe, harrock, and treptoplax will all agree that 'it's running slow' is about as useful as 'whAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh' when it comes to conveying the true nature of the problem. In both cases the most useful approach is to go down the list ruling stuff out until you find the cause of the issue. In both cases it is sometimes something that I can't really fix, i.e. intestinal gas or vendor software written by retarded baboons. I suppose I shouldn't compare the behaviour of people at the company I work for with that of a small infant, but luckily for me it's likely that the only people at my company who read my blog are those in my group who can surely relate to the analogy.

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