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Shirley at Foodmaster

I am a creature of habit. One of my many habits is that I do grocery shopping at Foodmaster on Tuesday nights right before the gamers arrive. The timing is designed to elimate the temptation to eat all the junk food that I buy for the run before the gamers show up. The destination is designated by the fact that Foodmaster is closest, and that while its not as upscale as the Star in Porter Square, it does possess adequate parking, unlike the Star in Porter Square.

Its probably not surprising that I buy mostly the same set of stuff every week with a little variation depending on what we've run out of. What is less usual is that I use the same cashier every week if at all possible. Shirley is an older woman, and is by far the best cashier in the place as far as I can tell. Choosing Shirley's line has a much better success rate in getting my out of the store promptly than just choosing the shortest line, so that's what I do.

Shirley is very friendly. We have exchange pleasantries every week as she rings up my groceries. She also knows me. She knows if I'm later than usual, tells the bagger how to bag my stuff, and will notify me if I failed to notice that one of my usual purchases is on sale. Yesterday, however, she went much further than I would ever have expected. She handed me an envelope of coupons for the Fruit2O that I usually buy! That's the kind of thoughtfulness that you just don't see every day.
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