Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

36 Weeks

I'm 36 weeks pregnant today. That means four more weeks to go until full term, and five before my doctor would want to induce me. It's also only one more week before I would not be considered pre-term if I went into labor, but I really doubt I'll deliver early.

I noticed my first stretch marks when I was getting dressed in the gym today. They go nicely with the laprascopy scar that is now extra-visible below the dimple that is all that is left of what used to be my tightly-puckered deep inny of a belly button. If you'd told me twenty years ago that I would actually like having a scar I'd have thought you were crazy, but I'm really glad about the laprascopy scar. Infertility sucks, and unexplained infertility is especially frustrating. Having that scar gave all that inner pain an outward manifestation, and that is oddly comforting. It's also physical proof that there was something really, truly wrong. It was not in my head. No one in the world of managed care performs surgery on a woman who just needs to relax. Similarly, if I'd conceived four years ago when I first started trying I may possibly have been dismayed to see stretch marks, but now they are just going to be my lasting proof that I did manage to get pregnant after all.

We had what turns out to have been our last prenatal dance lesson tonight. Our teacher will be out of town in two weeks, which is when we'd normally get our next lesson, and two weeks after that is my due date. It's just as well. I'm having a shoe issue. Normally Supadance 1016s is UK size 5.5 fit me absolutely perfectly, but I'm getting enough edema now that all my dance shoes are uncomfortable. It's not bad edema, but it doesn't take a whole lot to render court shoes nigh unwearable. Of course we haven't been able to take a proper hold in months, but the shoes are the real deal-breaker.

I've finished the maternity leave scheduling mechanic at work. I'll be taking off starting June 30th. This might seem odd given that the baby is technically due June 25th, but I really do expect to go a few days over. Originally I have been planning to take off starting on my due date, but then I noticed that my birthday just happens to be exactly 12 weeks after my due date, which would mean that if I took off starting on my due date I'd have to return to work on my birthday. I like my job a lot, but not enough to tear myself away from my infant for the first time ever on my birthday.


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