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The Great Car Exchange

So, is a darn good thing its a three day weekend, because its been busy thanks to the Great Car Exchange.

As I reported a few entries ago, Warren has purchased a 2005 Honda S2000. This means that he was selling his current car, which is a limitted edition 20th aniversary Trans Am. We call her Tigress.

(I sure some people think we're silly because all our cars have names, but it really does make things easier for us.)

Warren found a buyer for Tigress. He lived in Illinois. The plan evolved that we would meet him at his brother's house near Philidelphia, and sell him the car there. I'd come along in Midnight so that Warren would have a ride back, and also so we could transport the other set of wheels. (Tigress had two sets of wheels, one with performance tyres and one with snow tyres.)

We left the house at around 9am on Saturday. Warren was leading and I was following. Warren was worried about getting there on time, so we were exceeding the speed limit by a fair bit, but not anywhere near as much as he could have along. It was an interesting drive for me. Midnight performs really well of a sedan, and I was definately the limiting factor on how the car handled. Still, following a vehicle that was designed to be the pace car in the Indy 500 when you're driving a Volkswagon is interesting. It wasn't so much the high average cruising speed as the sudden accelerations. Warren was impressed by how well I kept up.

I learned again just how bright Warren is. It only took him a few seconds to figure out my completely improvised signal for "I need a rest stop".

We arrived at our destinated at about 4:15, having gotten sligtly lost at the Deleware border. (Mapquest had us going through Deleware because our destination was southeast of Philledelphia.) The sale of Tigress went smoothly. Don, the buyer, seemed like a nice guy. It turns out that he buys special cars like Tigress and fixes them up and shows them. Its nice to know she'll be going to such a good home.

After the spending about an hour showing Don the car and taking care of paperwork we got back on the road. We teach the rookies on Sundays, so we had to get back the same night. I ended up driving the first shift, which ended up being until two-thirds of the way up New Jersy. After dinner Warren drove the rest of the way home. We got back around midnight.

After teaching the rookies we went to the Honda dealer and picked up the S2000, now officially named Shadow. Of course, since we were picking up a convertable, it started to snow just as we were leaving MIT. It was the time of fine dry snow that seems like sand, especially when you see it blowing across the road in the wind. Luckily Warren had thought to have them put snow tyres on the car, in the same two-sets-of-wheeles arraingment he had with Tigress. We still need to pick up the regular wheels, which will probably happen today.
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