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Last Ultrasound - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Last Ultrasound
This morning I had what is likely to be the last ultrasound of the pregnancy. In order to score another one I'd probably have to develop some sudden and terrible complication. Even as paranoid as I am, that's not looking terribly likely at this point.

The official point of the ultrasound was to check and make sure that the placenta wasn't covering the cervix. The good news is that I have a clean bill of health on that front.

The unofficial thing I wanted out of the ultrasound was to get confirmation on the whole gender issue. My Ravelry queue is full of adorable little girl things, but I am loath to knit any more of them until we are more sure, lest I end up with a little boy and half a dozen dresses. Sadly, the baby was decidedly uncooperative on that front this morning. We got a good look at important stuff like the brain, heart, spine, etc., but no genitals were on display. The fetus was breech and facing my back with his/her legs firmly closed, the worst possible position for getting a gender shot. The fetal butt is apparently right on my bladder, which would explain why I have to run to the restroom every half an hour. So, we have gone from being told a girl is a pretty sure thing to being told to keep the receipts for the pink stuff. I guess we have no choice but to be totally retro and not find out for sure until we're in a position to put on the first diaper.

My Mom is convinced that this news means that I am having a little boy, especially since I did "jinx" myself by knitting a dress. Mom knit a little boy's outfit when she was pregnant with me only to have both her kids turn out to be girls. Of course I suspect Mom wants me to have a little boy so I can give it the boy name that she had all picked out, but that just isn't going to happen no matter how much she lobbies for it.

I'm a little concerned about the fetus being breech. In theory they don't get worried about this until 35-36 weeks. I might have to ask my OB how she feels about a vaginal breech birth, since I really, really don't want a C-section unless there is no other way. Still, it is officially still to early to get worried about this now.
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enugent From: enugent Date: April 15th, 2008 01:24 am (UTC) (Link)
It's very, very difficult to find an OB who does vaginal breech births. If you do, it's likely to be an elderly man who has been doing them his whole career, which I don't think your OB is. You might want to look for your local chapter of ICAN to see if they have any recommendations on that. Also check out Spinning Babies for tips on how to encourage the baby to turn.

Good news on the placenta, though! And if memory serves, you're about to break the 30w barrier, which must be a big relief. Good luck!

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