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For a long, long time I was immune to the sock knitting craze. There is tons of very pretty and tempting sock yarn out there, but the only place I wear socks is to the gym. I'm a skirts and dresses king of girl, and that means stockings or tights.

Of course there is this slight issue. I needed maternity tights early on in the pregnancy. I'm short-waisted and consequently started showing early. There is not a lot of selection in maternity tights. I ordered two different brands of opaque tights before finding some sheers. The opaque ones were 'one size fits all'. One of the two brands of opaque tights actually shrunk in the wash. I don't think I need to go into why this is especially undesirable in maternity wear. All my tights of that brand are now in some landfill. The other brand of opaque tights are still OK... barely. The sheers fit fine, but they are not as sturdy as my normal brand, and yet more expensive. I'm not feeling very motivated to replace those I lose through attrition. Getting tights on in the morning has also become complicated. The belly gets in the way. I can get the first foot in just fine with a little creative flexibility, but that's not on option with the second foot. Socks are suddenly becoming more appealing.

I suppose I could have gone out and bought socks, but I did have this sock yarn around, left over from a project I decided not to do after all. There was also this interesting sock pattern. It involved lace, cables and beads. Not exactly the ideal first sock, but I've been knitting for a long time. The time was right for socks.


It still needs a second sock. There is the infamous "second sock syndrome" where knitters often stall after one, but I do have the mate cast on already. Also, with this particular pattern the knitting becomes faster as you go along. Hopefully I will have an actual pair soon. I'm not sure I can get away with wearing them to work under normal circumstances, but I'm thinking in another month or so I will be so huge that people will cut me enough slack to let me get away with purple socks with green beads.

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