Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Random Update

I don't really have anything good to post about, but I feel like writing a post, so here it is. And yes, it's about the pregnancy because that is clearly at least ten times as important as anything else going on in my life right now.

Wednesday was my latest doctors appointment. I was 26 weeks exactly (making me 26 weeks 2 days as of today). Long story short: everything checked out as perfect. My OB was aware of the spotting incident and the conclusion to all that, made a point of saying I did the right thing to call, and agreed that it was nothing to be worried about. It all sounded good, and I went home happy.

One of the common themes on infertility blogs is there is no karma. It seems like having a tough time conceiving ought to buy you an easy pregnancy. I am one of those very few lucky infertile women who seems to be having an easy pregnancy, at least so far. I have some symptoms, but generally they are all the type that point to everything being on track. I have even stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop. Really, when the fetus delivers a series of hearty kicks to my bladder during a meeting with a vendor, I can only conclude that not only is she healthy in there but she was as unimpressed as I was by the argument that the mathematical models that we've been using all along are 'difficult' and 'slow'. The mystery, then, is why I has a nightmare Wednesday night where I dreamed that I was hemorrhaging. I have no idea where that came from unless I really do have psychic powers, because I didn't read enugent's blog until Thursday. That's when I learned that not only is her placenta previa confirmed, she's been admitted to the hospital for repeated bleeding incidents. Well, there you have proof that trouble conceiving does not automatically grant you good karma for an easy pregnancy.

In other pregnancy news, sleep is becoming an increasing issue. Some nights I get kicked away, some nights I am awakened by nightmares that I seem to have for no good reason, and some nights I am just at a loss as to why I am suddenly wide awake at four in the morning. Last night was like that. The fetus seemed quiet, and I tried all the things I could think of to fix whatever it was: went to the bathroom, had food and water, applied lotion to itchy spots. It still took me over an hour to settle down again. I guess it's just pregnancy induced insomnia. Weird. Ah well. In a few months I will know exactly what it is that is robbing me of my sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

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