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In search of product advice

Yes, for a radical change of pace I actually want advice. Specifically on baby gear, but I'm in the mood to entertain all sorts of advice right now.

The new top of the list on things I want advice on... I need some sort of baby soothing device, preferably of the sort where it's OK to let the baby fall asleep in it. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a description of a pack and play that had some sort of vibrate feature. Back then I thought that might be handy, as of today I'm thinking it's crucial. I need something that has every bell and whistle on it in the promotes sleep department, vibrating, white noise, whatever. Based on last night's kicking session (midnight to 4:30 am), and the continued activity throughout the day today, I have the sneaking suspicion that once she's born the baby is not going to drift angelically off on her own just because her belly is full. I'm perfectly willing to let a baby fuss it out and learn to self soothe once it's a few months old, but I don't think that's a good idea with a newborn.

Another thing I need advice on is a breast pump. I'll need it for when I go back to work. Ideally I want something that uses a battery and can be transported to work. Leaving my hand free would be nice too. I'd prefer to pay extra and get something that was good quality than to end up with something not as nice as I'd like.

Along those lines, I also need a good book on breastfeeding. I've already gotten one recommendation from enugent and I was wondering if anyone else had some input. What I'm looking for is something with a good trouble-shooting section. I absolutely do not need something that's all preachy about how great breastfeeding is, such a book will turn me off. What I do need is something that gives a rundown of different nursing positions to try and what to do when things don't go so well.

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