Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Same wavelength but temporarily out of phase

Lately I haven't been as worried about the pregnancy. The fetus keeps moving around, I'm passed the first major viability milestone, and all my symptoms so far seem to be pointing towards a healthy pregnancy. Of course, I did not go through the years of infertility alone, and I am not the only one in this house with a license to worry. I just forget sometimes because Warren has been concentrating his efforts on being supportive.

Last night I slept very poorly. The fetus was moving around, my right hip has been having a disconcerting out-of-joint feeling for the better part of a week, and there was some sort of general discomfort that I couldn't really put my finger on. I was still wide awake when Warren got to bed at 2, and sometime after that I couldn't stand it anymore and got up again for a while. I had a snack in the hopes that it would help; it's hard to tell when I am hungry lately, so it was worth a try. After a snack and puttering for a bit I went back to bed and finally fell asleep. I was up again around 7:30 for my pre-shower putter. At 8, shortly before I was about to find some clean clothes and get that shower Warren came downstairs sounding worried. Keep in mind that Warren is not a morning person and is on the typical computer nerd sleep schedule; he is never awake at 8 in the morning unless he has to be somewhere or something is wrong. It turns out that he was worried about the fetus. Something was keeping me up, and he was worried that it was the fetus in distress.

I was pretty sure that the fetus was just fine, but I totally understood the worry. Before I started feeling her move around in there I was often worrying to myself. "Is it dead yet?" No, she is very much alive, and probably fine except for some hiccups. I reassured him, and we went back upstairs to snuggle a bit. He put his hand on my belly. He'd never felt her before, she has always been a bit sly and has quieted down the instant his hand gets near my abdomen. This time he felt... something. Suddenly the general discomfort that I had been feeling for hours coalesced into a very specific feeling of discomfort. I knew what was wrong, and it had to do with my intestines getting crowded and was solved by a trip to the bathroom. Afterwards we resumed the snuggle, and this time he felt what was definitely fetal movement. He thought it was strong, but it was actually middling for what she can do. I think we were finally both really reassured. The whole episode was a good reminder to me of just how important this pregnancy is to Warren too, even if he is not the one experiencing it kick by kick and blogging about it.

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