Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Little Lace Dress

After a long hiatus from knitting baby stuff to not give away, I've completed my first baby item for 'my baby' post conception.


Let's hope the doctor at Diagnostic Ultrasound is correct about the gender, because it might be a hard choice between not using the dress myself and dressing a baby boy in drag if it turns out I'm not having a little girl. Of course the fetus need not worry about lacking proper clothing no matter what, I have a new gender-neutral sweater on needles already, and let us not forget the preconception knitting insanity. I've posted about the bribe jackets before. I thought that just for the sake of documenting just how nuts I am, I would post thumbnails of everything I knit for 'my baby' between the start of trying to conceive and the actual pregnancy.

rubybabyraglanrubybeaniehoodedblanketgreenbabyraglangreenbeaniebootiesbribe sweaterstricolorhat
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