Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Headlight Betrayal

So there I was driving home from work when I noticed a car with no headlights. The tail lights were on, so clearly both headlights were burnt out. "How unsafe," I thought. Of course this prompted me to think about my own headlights. I was pretty sure that they were both working as recently as last night, but then I noticed I wasn't seeing a glare from the right one reflected from the back of the car in front of me. Of course it's a little hard to tell in well-lit areas. I left my lights on when I parked in front of my house, and sure enough, only the left one was working.

An hour later I went to the store, doing the grocery run I punted on Tuesday in the wake of a MAC address table induced migraine. Coming out of the parking lot I noticed it was very dim indeed, and then an oncoming car flashed it's lights at me, confirming my worst fear. Thankfully I navigated the three blocks home without incident. I think I'll be calling the dealership in the morning*, and quite possibly taking the T to work

*Yes, I know I could theoretically locate an auto-parts place and attempt to find my way there and get the right type of headlight and then install it. I just don't want to do that. I want someone else to deal with it for me. One of the advantages of having a decent job is that I only have to remember how to get to the one dealership and I can just pay them to cope with anything automotive for me.

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