Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Small packages

My first* actual baby purchase arrived today. I am now the proud owner of two mobywraps.

My gut reaction is that it was way two soon. I still have thirteen days to go from today before we get to even the threshold of viability, another eight weeks before we get to the point where the baby has a fairly good chance in the outside world... you get the picture. On the other hand I know I'm a little nuts for not having gotten anything else before this.

One thing is certain, though. It is not yet time to go for the big ticket items. I can't imagine anything more terrible than owning a crib and not having a live baby to put in it. Maybe I'll make Warren take us shopping for one come April, but not now. I have vague notions that I want a travel system instead of a separate stroller and car seat, but no firm ideas about which one. I'm hoping there will be about 18 weeks left to shop.

*Well, except for yarn to make baby stuff with, which I have been getting for years. But yarn doesn't count. In much the same way that sock yarn doesn't count as yarn stash.

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