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Active - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Yesterday was my latest OB appointment. It was actually with nurse Pollyanna -- my OB did not have any openings at all in the appropriate time frame, the receptionists didn't know about the no Pollyanna thing, and I didn't feel like I cared enough to make an issue out of it. So I saw her. It helps that everything appears to be going well. Appropriate symptoms at appropriate times and all that.

Perhaps the fetus has her own reservations about Pollyanna's level of competence. She did not see fit to interrupt her gymnastics routine long enough to get her heartbeat measured. We heard a heartbeat, but it sounded like whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-squiggle, and then Pollyanna would have to move the doppler thingy to a new location to pick it up again. After six or seven repeats we gave up, the fetus was clearly alive in there, and clearly not going to sit still anytime soon.

I will say that Pollyanna was much better this time. She actually read me the details of the 18 week fetal survey. Everything looked good on the fetus. She was breech, but no one is concerned about that at this point considering she probably flipped from breech to not breech five times in the three minutes we spent trying to get a heart rate measurement. The cord has three vessels, just like it should. The placenta is low and posterior. Pollyanna is, or course, unconcerned about the low part, and happily pointed out that it was a good excuse to get another ultrasound. I am a trifle concerned, since placenta pervia would preclude a vaginal birth, but I want another ultrasound anyway, and that is precisely what I am getting on April 14th.
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enugent From: enugent Date: February 21st, 2008 08:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
With a low-lying placenta detected at 18 weeks and no C-section history, your odds of it moving up are excellent. (I've just been googling placental migration, as my own odds are less excellent at this stage - maybe 2/3, maybe 50-50, depending on which reference you check.) 30 weeks is about the recommended time to check it - if it hasn't moved by then, they really start to worry about it. So despite the Pollyanna attitude, it sounds like they're doing the right things to monitor you. The waiting sucks, though.

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