Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

21 weeks

I woke at around 3:30 am. In order I dicoverd that:
A) I was very thirsty.
B) I was very hot.
C) I had a very full bladder.
D) My shoulder hurt a lot.

Getting out of bed allowed me to fix A, B & C. Alas, there is not much I can do about D. It seems that I have yet again managed to sleep in some way that has caused my left shoulder to really, really hurt. I'm not even sure what the bad position is. The reason I insisted on a king-sized bed is that I toss and turn a whole lot. I'm told that I talk in my sleep, and I know that I move in my sleep, and trust me, there is nothing like rolling over and whacking your cute and slender (and therefor NOT soft and squishy) husband to ruin a good night's sleep. I know I go to sleep on my side, but I can't even tell you which one, as I need to flip at least three times before I drift off. I've tried sleeping on my back, but I always end up on my side anyway. I can't tell what position is bad going by the position I wake up in either, because by the time I'm awake enough for the pain to register I've already moved.

I suspect that the increase in the times I wake up with the muscle running along the left side of my spine resembling overstressed steel cable has something to do with the increased size of my belly. I can only assume that last night was a taste of things to come, and things will get worse from here on out. That's OK. My shoulder may still have hurt pretty intesnsely when I got back into bed after dealing with the lesser complaints, but my husband woke up enough to offer and administer a mini-backrub and the fetus started moving. If you're going to be awake and uncomfortable at 4am anyway it doesn't get much better than that.

As for Warren, he can be forgiven if he is not having similar warm fuzzy thoughts about me today. After waking him up at 4am when I got back into bed, I then accidentally woke him up again at 6:45 when I got up to spend a hour of quality time with my heating pad, and again when I left for the day shortly before nine. And of course I left him to deal with the two or more inches of soaking wet snow on the sidewalk and driveway.


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