Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Random yarn-related thoughts

Working on the baby dress I am reminded of just how much I like the Wildflower DK yarn, even if it is a cotton/acrylic blend and not all natural fibers. I noticed the price went up, which given the 'made in Holland' on the label is probably down to the falling price of the dollar. When I bought the yarn I'm using now (left over from another project) this summer it was $4 a ball; Patternworks is now listing it as $5 a ball. Still, its a lot less pricey than the yarn I most commonly use it as a substitute for, the Rowan wool/cotton, which has had a similar currency related price increase... its now pushing $10 a ball. I know I can get cheap 100% cotton or cotton/tencel blends from domestic companies, but I don't know of any US company that makes something in the cotton/wool category in a DK weight.

On a related note, I note when I see a cute baby outfit online, and it's $35, my reaction is that's a bit steep for something that is only going to fit for three months, but I am perfectly happy buying yarn for that much to then take hours making something in exactly the same size. There is actually a logic to that, but it may not be obvious to the non-knitter.

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