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Update on the Puking.... er, Pregnancy

As of today I am 15 weeks 1 day pregnant. The fetus is exactly three calendar months old, retrieval having been October 3rd.

The puking had gone away at about 12 and a half weeks, leaving me a little anxious even though I knew that 'morning' sickness often abates towards the end of the first trimester. When the early risk assessment scan showed that everything was still fine I was terribly relieved. I continued to not have nausea. Then I went for last week's OB appointment, and mentioned to the OB the fact that the puking had stopped... and then promptly threw up my entire dinner later that very evening. The puking, it seems is back, it's just less predictable now. I had a bad nausea moment the other day when trying to obtain lunch, and a rather impressive puking episode this morning. It would seem the fetus is still alive, let's hope it stays that way.

My pregnancy books tell me that I might begin to feel fetal movement this early, but I'm much more likely to begin to feel movement in a couple of weeks. True to my legendary ability to imagine symptoms, dating back to my early days of trying to conceive, I felt something today. It was rather sharp, though, and I suspect the culprit was actually my lunch taco getting into a fight with my intestines and not the fetus at all.

In other news.... brrrrrr.

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