Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Shifting Shawl Color

And now for a bit of rambling about knitting...

I've recently been doing more and more lace in my knitting. I've just started a lace shawl for my sister. I'm using one of those multi colored yarns, and this has led me to observe that my perception of how much I like a color can change when I knit it.

I seem to have a weakness for multi colored yarns. I can't seem to resist getting them. Of course, they don't always look quite as good knit up as they do in the skein. Still, there seems something almost magical about a yarn that changes color when I knit. I keep buying the, I just can't help it.

I buy most of my yarn on the internet. I hate physically going to a store a shopping. True, you get a better look at stuff in the store, but it takes time to get there, and time to get back, and if you don't find anything you like, all that travel time is wasted. I can generally also get much better selection and better prices on the web, too. There is just one catch: color does not always look the same in the picture on the web as it does in person.

The yarn for the shawl fell squarely in that category. When I ordered it, the picture showed a blue-green-turquoise mix. I thought it was perfect for Margaret, and ordered 5 skeins. When I got the yarn, I saw that there was also a lot of bright greenish-yellow in it. I did not care for the yellow, and was instantly less thrilled with the yarn, though not less thrilled enough to waste 5 skeins of lace weight merino.

Then something happened when I finally got around to winding the first skein into a ball. The yellow seemed a bit less pronounced. Then I started knitting my lace shawl pattern, and the yellow bothered me even less. I guess I'd still rather that there was no yellow, but this is the first time I've had one of those multi-colored yarns look better knit up instead of worse, so it was a bit startling.

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