Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The OB

Yesterday was my first appointment with my actual OB, who is just back from maternity leave. I rather liked the idea that she was just coming off maternity leave when she was first recommended to me. This good feeling what confirmed when on her own she brought up why I though this was a bonus in an OB: "what it's like is all still fresh in my mind."

I liked her. She seemed nice, reasonably intelligent and willing to listen. She also was very apologetic about the fact that the ultrasound clinic hadn't faxed over my early risk assessment results yet. She seemed rather irritated with them over that, though in a calm professional manner. She also had actually read my chart beforehand. Go her. "I see you saw (Yoda's real name)." She seemed impressed with Yoda, which is also a mark in her favor. Even better, we had a conversation about nurse Pollyanna, and the upshot is that I will be Pollyanna free for the rest of the pregnancy. I was uncharacteristically nice about it, with a lot of "I know she just wants to reassure me, but..." So, message delivered on the Pollyanna front, hopefully without seeming too much like the vindictive know-it-all that I am. Of course I did mention that the first guy I saw, Dr. Dipshit, was a complete waste of space, but I could only contain my blunt honesty so much.

On to the good news. The fetus still has a heartbeat as of yesterday. It nice and healthy. I weighed in at exactly my retrieval weight, which probably means slightly under given the clothing difference. I was 14 weeks 2 days yesterday, which means I'm at the end of the first trimester. According to my pregnancy book you're supposed to gain about six pounds during the first trimester. Taking into account the weight I gained over the course of the four IVFs, I'm perfectly happy with having held even. I will try to have healthy meals to make sure the fetus and I are both getting what we need, and hopefully the weight issue will take care of itself. Ideally I will continue to gain baby and loose a little fat. Probably a net weight gain is in order for the next two trimesters, but I think if I can keep it to just extra baby & amniotic fluid, etc, I will be in good shape.

Best of all, I need not have been disappointed about the fax not having arrived. My OB left a message on my cell phone as I was driving home saying it had just come in, and I should call back right away and if not she would call me while she was on call at the hospital. I called back, and the results are good. Only a 1 in 874 chance of trisomy 21, and a 1 in 6021 chance of trisomy 13 or 18. So, odds are looking good that I will actually have a baby this summer, and no amnio for me. The next ultrasound should take place in about four weeks.

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