Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Worst Commute Yet

We left work at 1:40. I arrived home at 7:00. Distance traveled was about 12 miles. A new record, and not in a good way.

Thank goodness twe was gracious and bailed out to walk the last couple of blocks as soon as we hit Mystic, thus allowing me to bypass most of Mystic for the less busy Broadway, though that was exciting in it's own way... I hadn't realized it was so hilly.

We were essentially parked on I93 for large portions of the trip. I even left the car in park for ten minute stretches at some point. A least we got to see some interesting things. Nearly everyone got out of their car at some point to scrape snow off. We did two, though I did give up on the back windscreen. Then there was the poor guy whose wipers had obviously failed at some point. He had his driver's side window rolled down and was making frequent use of a long-handled squeegy to clear his windscreen.

The big problem is what to do about tomorrow. The snow is supposed to stop soon, but due to my supposedly delicate condition I am under orders not to do any heavy lifting. I'm guessing that snow removal from a car parked on the street counts as heavy lifting. I am sure my darling husband (who was home before me, so I was unable to use the driveway) will eventually help me out, but probably not in time for work tomorrow morning. I can take the T, but that leaves poor twe out in the cold.

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