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In case you hadn't noticed, I have some character traits that most people would consider flaws that I don't particularly regret.

I had my first appointment as an actual obstetrical patient yesterday. I did not see my OB, the one my RE recommended. I won't see her until late December. Instead, I saw her nurse practitioner, who happens to be none other than Pollyanna RN, the nurse whom I saw at the start of my tenure as an infertility patient who had the annoying habit of telling me how fine I was. She did not remember me. I refreshed her memory.

Perhaps it was mean of me to bring it up. I'm sure psychohist probably thinks so. The thing it, it was hurtful and frustrating back then to be told that it was probably nothing and I was probably fine. Just give it more time. Yeah, right. Back then she completely ignored my suggestion that perhaps I had endo. Well, as it transpired I did have endo, and everything was decidedly not fine, and it needed a hell of a lot more than just more time to get me pregnant. That's pretty much what I told her. I didn't blame her, and I didn't call her names or insult her, but I let her know that she had been very, very wrong and I was not happy about her having said things were fine when they were not. I think as the appointment progressed and she got the record of what had happened to me in the nearly three years since that unsatisfactory appointment with her, she came to realize a small part of just how not fine things had been. Maybe next time someone gets referred to her for fertility issues she won't oversell the reassurance so much. I hope so.

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