Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Regularly scheduled puking

I had started feeling queasy from time to time when I was exactly six weeks pregnant. It seems appropriate, therefore that the actual puking started at exactly eight weeks pregnant.

On Wednesday morning shortly after 11am we had a fire drill at work. As per procedure our rather large building emptied. After a few minutes in the parking lot we were allowed back in. Because of construction we are down a set of elevators, and there are rather a lot of people in the building so I elected to take the stairs back to the 4th floor rather than wait forever. Upon reaching the 4th floor I was rather more winded than I would normally feel after climbing stairs, and then I needed to dash to the bathroom where I promptly threw up. It was just a little, but I was a bit disturbed at the time. You see, after particularly strenuous exercise, I have been know to throw up, but generally only if I have been way overdoing it. When I threw up after having done nothing more than a few flights of stairs I thought it was a sad commentary on my current state of physical fitness. Then yesterday, and again today I felt the need to rush to the bathroom and deposit a mouthful or two of my stomach contents in the toilet after doing nothing more taxing than sitting at my desk. It always happens at about 11:15. Clearly I did not ready the pregnancy book carefully enough.... Eight weeks: The baby is now the size of a large grape and has parchment like skin.... you will puke at 11:15 every morning.

In other news.... in addition to my continued craving for orange juice I have just eaten nearly an entire jar of pickles. Very stereotypical. Luckily I am not yet at the point where I want pickles a la mode, but such a dish seems slightly less crazy than it used to. My "fat" dresses have also arrived. The waistbands on all my skirts were snug to begin with thanks to the weight I put on during treatment. I'm only up on my retrieval weight by two pounds last I checked, but that was enough to throw me over the edge from snug to ouch. I ordered some knit dresses in a style without a defined waist in a size larger than I would normally take. They are huge on me, but they are comfortable. The hope is that they will tide me over until I start looking pregnant as opposed to just chubby around the middle.

After 3.5 years of trying it all seems a little surreal, the full-blown morning sickness and the pickle cravings. It's reassuring to have such normal symptoms at least.
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