Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

My cup runneth over...

Symptoms continue. We like symptoms, even if they interfering with my social life a bit. This week's trick is the sudden need for extra sleep. I was falling asleep on my gamers on Tuesday and finally gave up when it was clear my body was too shut down to even keep itself warm, much less run a game. Last night I slept over twelve hours. Now I'm worried because I'm going to bed at a normal time tonight.

I have the sneaking suspision that my first maternity wear purchase will be new bras. Just a hunch, nothing to see here.

We've been doing the progesterone shots in my thighs for the past week due to lack of non-bruisy spots on my backside. It's not as bad as I have been led to believe. Of course, psychohist is really good at doing the shots.

Monday can't come soon enough. Please let them both be OK in there.

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