Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The other two week wait

My next ultrasound is in a week, a full two weeks after the first one, and I am going a little crazy with the waiting.

I'm pretty sure I'm still pregnant. I've developed the ability to be hungry and queasy at the same time, odd as that seems, so if that's anything to go on I'm pretty sure I'm still pregnant. The big question is whether or not they are both alive.

You see, much as I tried to warn myself not to count on it, I have become really attached to the idea of having twins. I'm worried about that much smaller sac. Sure, Grace was all positive and upbeat about it, but still. I keep thinking thoughts like 'better buy those cheaper Ikea cribs since we'll need two' and then I remember the woman I know who was originally having twins only to end up with a singleton. I really want both these babies.

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